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Excellent Quality & Lowest Price!

The Design, Engineering, Procurement, and Manufacturing of all structure and mounting components are completed in house at Lean Solar, an American manufacturing company. We utilize just-in-time procurement as well as lean manufacturing techniques in manufacturing and the installation process. We also use modular pre-assembled structures. These factors substantially reduce our cost which drastically reduces your price and payback time.

The solar market has been flooded with misinformation which is benefiting the companies selling solar systems in terms of profits, rather than value and cost savings for the consumer. Companies are generally solar implementers, not designers. They are not manufacturers of the system. They purchase all components through a supply chain with a cost plus system; then add a markup even further and charge the consumers. They do not have the resources to benchmark, create simple designs, and utilize lean manufacturing to implement the entire system. These issues prohibit implementers to develop innovative solutions for solar implementation.

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Lean Solar stands apart from competitors through “teamwork & education”“system simplicity”, and a “quick payback” for solar implementation.  We team up with our customers and provide the required information, data, and understanding to assist them in making smart decisions through transparency and knowledge. We design, manufacture, install, and obtain required permits to implement a turnkey solar system.

Our system will ensure that ratepayers are receiving the lowest price per watt available on the market, as well as a simple, cost effective design.


We will form a cross-functional team with key members of your organization to educate and design a system that best suits your requirements.  We will share our findings from months of research about; electric power providers’ price and rate structure; as well as the latest technologies available in solar industry.  We will assess your energy consumption and requirements through a comprehensive energy analysis (CEA); which determines both your consumption as well peak usage.

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We have teamed up with Graybar Inc., a leader in electrical and solar equipment and technology (founded in 1869), to use their state of the art software systems for improved research and data analysis. They provide the latest information about breakthroughs in solar technology; which enables us to design solar systems with the newest technologies available in the market.

This analysis provides the team with pertinent information to determine the capacity of the solar system and exact wattage to target.  It also serves as concrete support towards providing you with a precise estimate.


Our team utilized the latest technology in solar; as well as decades of experience in engineering and manufacturing and developed an innovative simple ground mount solar product that will substantially reduce cost and payback period.  This system can adapt to existing parking lots and can be implemented in weeks instead of month due to applying a modular and pre-assembled design.  The structure is made of aircraft grade aluminum with tamper resistant fasteners to reduce the risk of undesired removal.  The solar panels have a 30 year life and a 20 year warranty and are high capacity in order to increase capacity for smaller spaces.  The installation process has been substantially reduced due to utilizing pre-assembled modular design and lean manufacturing concepts.

All of the permitting, installation, and contracting services are handled by our company, letting you focus on what you do best.


When it comes to payback, many companies estimate the period based on hypothetical numbers. Our schedule is akin to a loan repayment schedule and has a defined term and options.

The mandate for our company from the inception was to develop a system that would revolutionize the ground mount solar industry based on quality, lead time, cost, and payback period.  We reached and exceeded our mandate by benchmarking the best in practice (solar farms) and substantially simplifying and improving the design.

We have developed a system based on lean principles that will provide payback periods of 3 to 5 years depending on electricity usage and peak demand. The payback period for our parent company is less than three years.

There is a 30% tax credit available from the Federal Government for alternative energy investment; depending on purchaser’s tax appetite.

We will also work with our customers and reduce their California sales tax rate to approximately 4% on this and other capital investments for their manufacturing operations.


We are now offering in-house financing which will enable our clients to pay off their systems in six years or less based on their electric bill savings.

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