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Lean Solar is a developer, manufacturer, and installer of “turnkey” high quality modular ground-mount solar systems for industrial applications.  Our projects provide payback periods of 3 to 5 years for the project; 30% less than any systems available in the market.  We form a team with customers to share the summary of our research, review and analyze current energy usage, and manage the entire project including; concept design, system design, municipalities permit process, manufacturing, installation, and interconnection with utility companies.  We implement the entire project in 45 to 60 days; 50% less time than our competitors. This is achieved through our modular design and manufacturing; as well as pre-assembled installation.  Our system is “Designed and Made in USA” and has a 20 year warranty.

           "Our intro to solar was straightforward: design and build our own system that will effectively negate our electricity costs. So with our understanding of manufacturing coupled with our engineering background, Lean Solar was born. Now it's your opportunity to save money while providing a shade structure in your own parking lot."

Lean Solar established in 2016, was chartered with the mission to develop an innovative and cost effective solar system for its parent company, Nemat Inc. in order to substantially reduce energy costs and manufacturing overhead. Lean solar created an innovative and simple design for manufacturing and installation of ground mount solar systems.  

A benchmark study of a “60 Mega-Watt” solar farm on “500-Acres” was also performed to learn from the “best in practice”.  Companies constructing solar farms have become extremely efficient in implementing solar systems due to the scale of their projects.

Lean Solar developed this creative solar system utilizing; the research information as well as Nemat Inc. 30 years of experience in innovation, lean engineering, lean manufacturing, supply chain management, and strong teamwork.  This system enabled Nemat Inc. to implement a 150 KW-DC solar system at its headquarters facility in Madera, California during the spring of 2017.

This payback period for this system was 2.5 years and it enabled Nemat Inc. to reduce 75% of the energy costs.

About Nemat Inc.

Nemat Inc. established in 1994, is an Engineering/Manufacturing company with the mission to provide “Made in USA” high quality, low cost products and Services. This is accomplished through utilizing team’s strong engineering, technical, and manufacturing expertise to develop innovative; designs, products, and processes that will meet and exceed customers’ expectations thru manufacturing and installation of quality products on time, at a competitive price.

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