Lean Solar | Solar Parking Structure
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Standard & Architectural Curved Columns

» Modular design provides multiples of 10 KW-DC solar power (Min 1 to 100’s).
» Each 10,000 Watt-DC module covers 2 parking spaces.
» Made from strong and lightweight “Aircraft Grade” Aluminum.
» Columns are made from 4.6 in. Square Tubing to minimize interference with driving space.
» Structure is sloped 12-15 degrees, with 8 foot at lower and 12 foot height at upper side.
» Provides ample shade during the day and security lighting at night.

Standard Column Structures

» Straight columns provide an industrial appearance for factories, warehouses, farms and other similar applications.

Architectural Curved Columns

» Architectural Curved Columns & Braces provide an attractive appearance for hotel, retail, restaurant, office and other similar applications.
» Reduced distances between two columns minimize interference with parking/driving space.
» Laser Cut Name/Logo provide personalized system for each customer.